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Permalight farms is being rebirthed out of a small table grape vineyard... we look to create a diverse permaculture paradise with perennials and no till garden beds blended with agricultural based learning and tourism.  

About us
Latest News 

Spring 2021

We are building up our new farm and are looking to open up more sometime this year!  Right now it's by invitation only mostly via Craigslist

Model permaculture farm

We love this farm we saw, much of this is a model for what we'll be doing on the veggie side of things!

Our mission:

  • To perform and teach organic related farming methods like Permaculture, no till, biodynamic, etc

  • To bring new technologies into agriculture including but not limited to mobile apps, sensors and automation, drone monitoring

  • To mentor and partner with startup farmers and other green agricultural entrepreneurs 

  • Perform experimental planting methodologies... for example, inter cropping synergistic plants and study yield improvements

  • To create new hybrids by using traditional non GMO hybridization of heirloom seed stocks

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